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Let's take a look at what's your beef brought to you by old trapper and there's been a lot of reaction to California passing the State Law Monday prohibiting in colleges in the state from punishing student athletes from accepting money in exchange for their use of their name image likeness. It won't go into effect until Twenty Twenty Korea but there's still a lot of conversation happening right now. I think it's it's a great start I. I still believe that the player should benefit offer likeness. I've thought about it much but I definitely think some should be paid in terms of the way they grown up and I guess how their families doing back home my concern Sir with the California bill which is all the way wide open monetize ing your name image and likeness is it moves slightly towards pay for play and it's very difficult for us. We're practitioners into space to figure out. How do you regulate relate that now? There are a lot of variables this story but what are your initial thoughts and reaction. You don't have to regulate it. That's the the beauty of this I think in a multibillion dollar industry when the players are such a big part of what you're doing and the schools and everyone's benefitting from them. They're out there. They're risking their lives in there in an injury and their futures and everything else. I think there's a perfect answer because David David. I don't have the answer to how you pay players without becoming an issue and trying to figure out how the seventy fifth best player gets played as much as the best player but this at least if you earned it and if you are a star you can make the money that teams are benefitting off of for for no apparent reason. I'd remember to like even even the schools that are making all this money benefiting off these players. They ain't even the one that's going to be paying these kids. These kids are going to have to find their money elsewhere from car dealerships in signings in in different companies that want to embrace the brand that or the individual and what they're accomplishing so it's not even the gene. Smith really going to have to regulate about that. The only thing that isn't that concerns me is how early now agents going to be on these players. Is it going to be a freshman year in high school sophomore year in high school working junior high school the that's the one thing uh-huh you regulate the agents because now they have to go get an agent to help with marketing and all other deals we will wait and see because it won't be enacted as as I said until twenty twenty three meantime the calendar currently has flipped to October David. What's the biggest story line. You're looking at head into this month every every year we do this. Every year. Drives me crazy so I'm going to get out a little bit ahead of everybody talks about Oh. My God clemson might be left out right now. Everybody was undefeated like. Can you believe that who cares every last year. There was fourteen hundred feet of teams in the month of October. We got to November there. Were Four. There's eighteen right now. You just keep keep watching over the next four weeks that number's going to dwindle dwindle envy less five or less by the time October comes around to saying just have a little oh patients everyone just relax a little relax relax shoes to specific teams Auburn and Wisconsin I wanted I'm excited excited to see what what we have from Auburn you got Florida and Lsu this month and then Wisconsin you look at the schedule there. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA wind up finding out what about Wisconsin with the Ohio state game a little bit later in the month as well. I'm just interested because what I've seen for them is a lot better than I expected to see coming coming into the year and I guess that's why they intrigue me more than any of the the undefeated teams so far well. It's GONNA be a big test for Auburn this weekend or the Garth Brooks curse may work in their favor. Yes I said the Garth Brooks Curse just bear with me here David Okay. This is something according to vivid seats. Florida Florida will look to remain one of just two unbeaten. NCA NFL teams who hosted concerts for the recent ongoing Garth Brooks Stadium tour the combined record of NFL teams to host Garth Garth Brooks concerts is three twelve and one. I'm not going to go to David because he gave me his answer with this face todd. Do you believe in this curse. You're kidding right now. This is what they call. Figure in. The business is life life life day to day thought about this who yes like. You need something to do this. Gaulle big fan of garth brooks by the way puts on a great show great concert and if you like garth brooks go to resonate with your team nothing being okay who wins that quickly Auburn Auburn close low scoring close game though okay okay David you wanted to make a correction detour grossing with us Muslims the health home does he's been practicing this every commercial break and you did Bob Ninety nine for Penn State. You're a man love you go. That's the end of this..

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Garth Brooks, David David, Auburn discussed on College Football Live

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