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Probably of the loss of many vices drop. That much was when the government said that the the amount job caper was going to be lowered yet for the west coast. Sort of things. We we think we don't like you either he. Let's be honest because you're west coast that did put a small advices because we couldn't handle a year another year of eddie mcguire blaring calling and calling heats. It's gotten to a better team. Could not have happened to a better time. And i was thinking as a west who's paying that lasts three minutes. You save me gone all where we're gonna leave the number one lesson ago when shade to get my can. Everyone says it was a block when you look at it. Maybe was high on reality guys like why this soon as dumb shade got that kit whereas i think area hussein in the country knew he was going to slaughter because he's a left-footer in on that saw and By what sandia. Hot rice in was Win jack dial dropped. The mach two thousand fifteen live regain. Begun all gaudi's Hand the commentary said. He's dropped the the guy menam luckily to his Advantage i he kept on the ball and we kept it in al history says gripe site. Dining many many things have happened in the He's just before you're gone use. I am about uganda's heightening. I remember the face of victoria. And this was in the infancy of the rules and phnom donges Who's geneva and got off the time. I won't cross a having got across Across the world in ample and somebody tried around me either miss teen shaima new appreciate. It wouldn't have been able to do these little eagles off the one thing that we're all cyprus. We'll be jealous of you guys of he'd say because he consistently plying phones. It's something that nothing fans expect. S i if we get the final way pretty documents in doc on the team the technology will you have lost yussef. We everybody to look at why you finish lost you on the let you finish the general season Fifty twelve and five recode. You spent tommy in the hob. Let's let's call for what it is. You go souped it up. When you're in the hub. Coming down yeah. You throw the toys out of the On the medical the body language the language. It was coming from the coach. It was like from mayo house light..

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