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What's going on in our lives in the world and keep it at one hundred. We're also learning from amazing guests as well like emmanuel acho people show love to me at forever. Got there a fats. If the foundation is right the newest of it's gonna go wrong in more described a front and center today. What everybody welcome to another week of the corner podcasts. Caldeans be here with the old man on his hail. It has been an interesting week to say the least since we talked to you guys on our last show. We have seen what was supposed to be the election. Crowning the next president of the united states it still ongoing so our last show was a preview to start off about the election before we went into our talk about may and we did a whole early segment on an election. And then here here we are. We don't have any definitive news. But we'll talk about that a little bit as well to open up this show later on in the show. It's all pro wrestling. So we're previewing a w full gear which goes down this weekend with an amazing main event. I've become a believer. In eddie kingston kingston wins or we right. Then we're talking annex t because we didn't gets a recap halloween havoc very much. We talked about a little bit. But not a full recap and annex k had a banger of a weekly main event down there so we have to give that some love and then of course we'll touch on wwe main roster the good the bad the even uglier leading up to survivor series. Which is always one of the old man's builds of the year so plenty to talk about going on right there but dre we gotta start with the election and to me my favorite part so far because we don't have a definitive winter has been the crazy as means and jokes and you serve when deep into the bag and been firing them off. Today i was driving and i laughed out loud because i'm driving a park. Go to work meeting. I look down my phone. I'm like oh it gives me the alert racist tweeted all right. Open it up. it's lauren hill tweet. I start dying. I know the people next like what the hell wrong this diet when you're saying vegas. This is nevada when counting votes. And it shows lauren hill. I was on the floor. As should larry's what let's start from the beginning. What was your setup like about what we thought we were going to look like. Did you have liked whole bat cave. Set up with the monitors and you're tracking everything. No did you just go dark. No i didn't do like i. Sporadically watch the election. Because here's the thing is like a bunch of people family members and just people. I know who are reaching out to me and saying. Oh trump's winning this like mayor early right now is just like dude. I can't do this shit like this is the first election that y'all really watch like this. It was just too much for me. So i just tuned out because every year every election year. It's the same shit. People get super excited for like the first like two hours when the first reports are coming in it's like eight percent votes and people are like. Oh trump's got like sixty thousand person we'd like who cares do none of that shit matters so no i was doing. I was watching. What was i watching tuesday night. I was watching veep. That's what i was doing. I was watching. I was not watching election coverage until eight thirty. So you're watching a show about the white house not the show about the real white house. Yeah watching the perfectly appropriate show about the white house and a yeah can pay on social media and see things. But i can't do this. It was just too many people like going crazy about like super early results. And the only thing that. I paid attention to until roughly ten o'clock is what i thought. This alexis was going to be a lot closer than people assumed it was going to be close. People were like it's going to be a blow out for biden. No it's not. It's not going to be a blowout according to electoral college. It'll never work out like that. This won't be reagan people in the early eighties. This'll be a closeness. Won't be barack obama and john mccain. This is going to be close and that was once we did. I said early was really disheartening. Because no matter what happens to know that roughly half of this country endorses. A man who is openly refused to denounce racism xenophobia. Cove it as misogynistic pig to know half of this country back. Statman no matter who wins. That's the biggest issue with america. Because even if by wins you still got half these people who are gonna go super hard for trump it start grooming the next presidential candidate. That's the thing it's like you can't have to trump's though right so if that's your guy and that's temperament you like and that's someone you wanna rally. How often do you get another person like that. We can't get to obama's right. We don't have another extremely great or like that on the rights. Not yet they. Obama was very specific package. That people rally behind. Now we can you know look and try to find another charismatic person. Someone who whose views line with ours so on and so forth but when running for president and the build up. It's so hard to find that person like a specific type of person that you want to be like someone else. i don't know if we can get another trump. Where do you get another celebrity apprentice. You're gonna grew cognate for eight years like where. Where does this person come from. No i think it's more so like it was a tweet that i put out. That said you know in ninety to watch rodney king. His ass kicked. And i said can't get any worse this in two thousand and i watch george bush stealing election. I said can't get any worse than this. I watch hurricane katrina. Said can't get any worse than this. I watch ask cranky killed. It can't get any worse than this. See i'm going with this right. Like trump won in two thousand sixteen. Beat hillary clinton. I can't get any worse than this. It's always can get worse than this so you might not find somebody who's exactly like trump just like he can't find anybody who was exactly like george bush who was a complete nincompoop. He's an idiot but he was the president. There will be somebody else that comes along. In their trump mold may not be like a celebrity may not be as agreed ridiculous as trump is. But they'll be somebody that fits those people's needs because those people are going to be energized. They're going to be ready to rally behind somebody to get joe biden office so i don't know who it's going to be but we have to prepare like we can't put our guard down because binds an office. Yup i think you mentioned that. You mentioned george bush w his baby face turn has been quite a thing to watch. I mean is it a baby face. Turn though yeah. I feel like now. One trump helps them a lot. Right mike at the time it was like george bush told election but you might have told election florida but the eight years was like. Yeah we need about like george bush so bad and then he kind of left office. He was embraced by michelle obama. Now their bromance is like super cool and then he really hasn't started any shit like he just like he. I did that leave me alone. Like each wants to show. And then trump came along. And i was like. Oh yeah maybe our complaints were a little bit exaggerated i think stuff is aged gracefully for george w bush started his father. Reagan republican wise. I think he's probably the best in the past forty years. No stuff ages gracefully for white people in america s presidents. look how they look at ronald reagan. Now they don't look at least half the minorities do like i. I don't think people pink..

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