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Dynamic what are some things good question is only those who have played at the professional level would understand about football the <hes> soul while the training right intensity the eh what your body goes through. We play we engineers. You've been almost every day pot from the technical saver also. I don't think i'll realize you watching you watching t._v. He played real good. I was looking up to play a good place. You actually don't don't realize just how good these guys are in tier. If you ever watch a game if you ever get a chance to watch the game from t._v. Or an astonishing it looks candy whitening play plus. Why don't you go down in the dugout labor with you. Think thank ho the hell it just changes. Completely changes kind of went. I kind of went the other way. There's a lot of things you know not. Everybody's a great professional. Some people rosler's what do you mean by wrestling off johnson answer so that there are certain players even at the highest level it will be able to calm the public anti not looking at zula actually given over all the time and they're actually not. It's not until you play with them. You see them. You know exactly what they're up to different defiant gestures and different things that professionals do you can tell whether he's a cheat but somebody who's not weighed about level would figure out you know with the there's a she and the game that chocolate shell blouse you go while he goes and height okay. It's going to say right and basically it means is is this somehow get themselves in a position where the sheep the bowl cold rights. It's not teams applies. I would do that when they're struggling when the teams are struggling not sure right so you're not gonna get so high up when they don't do all the time for the very important times he you might need a pause adoption unsettling give you that option option is going to be and so doesn't there's one responsibility. They put themselves in a position where you can't pick them up or if you try and play it's kabbadi bowl show. No we can see the the crowd. See that right but we used to but the boys are because i know they've got a couple of guys. I used to commend a couple of times more than once commended halftime and say i see it's the hide and seek jumpy ships again yeah absolutely agree hiding explain the opposite because because you know you'll set cutlass nicole cheese and a no go to honest cheating and you guys should to onus guys who who will go for the ball when he shouldn't when no chance again going to get caught up for example okay wha- the announced probably just probably more heart than brains. Okay we describe fits that we would you describe out hill the old there too honest sheen's minority of just connected. We plan right final tweet. Don't change the way you. I speak on our way. You guys mix in u._k. Scottish vernacular on the show my visa vernacular mixon war. It's compliment into your american accent. I 'cause i'm really american guys. That is eight one. Oh they'll sort of your southern woman us here and <hes> <hes> off tomorrow i will be doing the same thing i know should've uber bronx zoo. I think we'd be as it was fun as you to keep you keep you could humor the missing not humid tomorrow..

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