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This month we celebrated the seventy fifth anniversary of the attack the us has oklahoma was one of the vessels that sank in pearl harbor and of the four hundred twenty nine killed only thirtyfive wherever identified and brought home so a sailor from the us oklahoma from the state of alabama name henry solely was one of those that was never identified but now with technology they've been able to identify him and he's now brought home and he's buried family members had never even knew him went to his funeral and they said it was a celebration of his life to welcome him home after all those years dna comes through again it really does and on a happy note hundred twenty fifth birthday month of january for ellis island yes you have ancestors come through there i didn't but my wife's great grandfather came through there from scotland most of mine came either through canada or new england earlier than that now i had a grandmother come through there and i think read a stat where something like half of all americans have somebody who came through ellis it's an amazing place in the nice thing about it is that you can experience the whole passenger rival process right there at the museum and you can see the statue of liberty and by the way at extreme jeans dot com we've posted a great youtube video somebody put together a little history of ellis island even if you have an attention span somewhat less than a goldfish you can enjoy this thing and it gets your kids to enjoy it too and appreciate this important place in american history we you know it's funny my grandmother always told me she got up in the morning and didn't read her name and the bitch worry column she could get up and going door daily chores so i want to say that i called you earlier in the week about that obituary i think we need to share this one with a little you just as great and and somebody wrote their own obituary which you got recommend right it was written by a woman in madison wisconsin named k and hege stat and this is what she wrote cayenne haggis dad age seventy two bought the farm is no more has ceased to be left this world is bereft of life gave up the ghost kicked the bucket morio safe fini she died on friday january thirteenth 2017 after a wimpy non battle with multiple myeloma after almost two years to the date of diagnosis no one should say she fought a courageous battle because she did not what a wigner she was ready to quit treatment many times with her family pushed her to continue which was good since she then had time to have parties and say goodbye to friends and relatives she wrote this all herself and it just goes on and on but what a treat and we've shared it it's on extreme jeans dot com last week we talked about family tree now yes opt out well hats off to patrick allen who has written an article linked right on our extreme jeans website on how to opt out on a lot of popular people search sites that includes spoke yo peak you instant checkmate and one that you probably have heard of white pages wow that's great step by step to and so that's going to be really important what i like about these sites they're great for us to research through but what i don't like about him as if we don't want to be found you know maybe you got a crazy ex boyfriend or girlfriend that would be the place to opt out from that's probably a good idea i think i'm going to do that after we finish the show today well every week i normally mentioned a free database but it gets nothing better for our listeners in honor of our one hundred.

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