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So they could be polished away. Some of the same algorithms now underpin the technology eye doctors use to measure patients eyes before lasik surgery. So you could say NASA research and development has already helped millions of people improve their eyesight. And lockney says there are so many other things in our lives that NASA has either invented or improved from baby formula to cell phone cameras to exercise equipment to sleep with technology and temperature regulating fabrics, air purifiers, water purifiers, devices for tracking endangered animals, techniques. The list goes on and on. The ultimate is to use the NASA temperature regulating matters pad and sheets on your memory foam mattress. You get the full NASA night's sleep. So as NASA's Dan lockney is happy to remind anyone who will listen, the benefits of his agency's research and development aren't just found in outer space. Four 18 is our time and you're listening to all things considered on 90.1 W ABE. I'm Jim burris, it's a pleasure to have you along on this Thursday afternoon. Ahead, a conversation with Allison Kaufman, the director of amplified Georgia. That's a coalition of medical providers and reproductive rights groups. We get her take on what the landscape looks like in Georgia following yesterday's appeals court decision on Georgia's 2019 abortion law. Stay with us that's

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