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Eight on CBS Sports Radio, Tony P. R. No cheese. You don't wear that is a badge of honor. How the hell did I survive about this? How about this drinking habit? How about one of the I'm gonna give you this? The first Producer. Of the John Kincaid show. First producer ever. Is now. Scott Van Pelt's producer, Stanford, Steve Coughlin. What can't get a drop like that? Who says you can't Just stay attached to me, and that's the way to go. I mean, it works that way. There is a there is a legacy of highly successful people in this industry who have somehow survived being my producer and turned it into something great. And by the way, if you've ever seen Stanford, Steve on with Scott Van Pelt Scott Van Pelt Creative. Kind. Fun, interesting guy. And, uh and Stanford, Steve has made himself a character. Through hard work and grinding, and he's out in Vegas right now enjoying himself out. It's circa so enjoying it. Okay. Imagine. If they had had their way. Imagine if they had gotten their way. You know who they is? Dan Wilkins of the World. Who now are banging the drum of 15 cancelations. We told you match.

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