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One of the most popular club has got to be but not they hippopotamus a listener six year old alex recorded herself reading it uh huh five five at here i ain't you are trying to earn butler and paul ince guiding hockey talents had that this uh well that book i wrote such a long time ago i wrote that from my sister who was um hippopotamus obsessed manchester judy the same sister um who is the reading specialist and found my first children's book that one started with the sound of the words um in the once i knew it was a hippo for my sister judy um that the word hippopotamuses so superb word and as i just like the rhythm of but not the hippopotamus it's it's um intrinsically musical that that title at the end they hippo joint and see other animals that you and re right math are on medicare rao why not the ira adel some people have have describe this is a book about exclusion which it isn't in the least it's very much about that hippopotamus being reluctant to join then it's about south exclusion and then getting the courage to join in you know then some people therefore take it as a sad ending when it's but not the armadillo if once again someone's being excluded but it really that's never what it was is interesting yeah how people make their own assumptions about that hippopotamus slapped on this side sandbag gather you got your start um making greeting cards and started that and college how israel all black him that bath.

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