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The new orleans saints. The chicago bears in the las. Vegas raiders will start the cowboys. Don't see the cowboys being able to make a move for russell wilson. As much sense as it might make to some to do that they would have to get dak. Prescott traded to seattle and dak prescott would have to be willing to sign what we think will be franchise tender to make that trade possible. Why would dak prescott cooperate with the dallas cowboys and allow them to dictate where he's going to go in the future. He doesn't owe them at and so he's not going to do that. By being in the position he is now dak. Prescott has an unofficial no-trade clause because unless he signs his franchise tender they can trade them. They cannot so dak prescott controlling that situation. So it makes dallas illogical and improbable nothing in this leagues. Impossible though so you never know but in illogical and improbable new orleans saints. Interesting would make a lot of sense. What i would say here is that there's a lot of history between these two teams in terms of traits. Sean payton and mickey loomis new orleans. John schneider pete. Carol in seattle they had a trade once for jimmy. Graham that was a big deal they had a trade. Wants for. Max unger big deal. They've made deals and they are familiar with each other. Mickey lewis cheaper worked in seattle at one point time. But what can the saints realistically give back. That would fill the seahawks quarterback position hill. That's not gonna work not enough. And then they're pick is at the back end of the first round and they have cap problems so as great as russell. Wilson would fit new orleans. That is not an easy trade to make more likely in dallas but still very difficult to pull off but the saints are very creative if they could be creative to seattle willing that would be a spot that would be worth watching chicago now. The bears once made a blockbuster deal for khalil. Mack and they really don't have a quarterback that they are planning to build around going forward and matt nagy ryan pace or fighting for their jobs. So russell wilson would be a godsend a lifesaver. Somebody that they would want to bring in somebody. They'd have to bring in again. What would be the trade package in. Return to make that worthwhile. It's hard. this isn't the new york jets with pick two or the miami dolphins with pig three a team that could just a pig that would enable seattle to be able to take its quarterback of the future where chicago offer can't even offer l robinson hasn't signed his franchise tender and so two tough trade to pull off for chicago too but to me. They're they are desperate date. They have to get something done. And so i never discount desperation because that's always an interesting situation. And then the las vegas raiders. That is a team. I think that makes some sense now. The issue there is that the raiders like derek carr. They're not really looking to move on from derek carr. But if you get a guy like russell wilson that'll be tremendous but is it enough to make you want to give up your first round. Pick maybe future one end. Derek carr to get russell wilson. Are you willing to give up all that to get a new quarterback when you already like your quarterback your current quarterback..

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