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Or wherever you get your podcast coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after. You're not going to believe my strawberry letter for today The subject is. You can't have your cake and eat it too but wait till you hear it right now. Though the nephews in the building with today's prank phone call you got for snap. I want to date your mom. See Right there I WANNA date Steve. How would you do it again please? Today's prank is on a date. Your mother wasn't price it put some moment. I mean you know I mean. I can't tell you frankly. King of introductions could use a lot of work on it and I'll see the flavors in prank on that intro see that's in a different and so must again. Just do what you want to do. All right I to date your mom right. Hello Hello I'm trying to read. I'm trying to reach miss. Barnes this James This I saw How are you doing man? My Name is Gordon. Going just recently joined the church man within the last month and I was trying to get in touch with Ms Burn. I wanted to members gave me a number but I guess they must have gave me wrong number. I guess it's a home number. Or what is this whole? A WHO who? Who is this again? My Name is Gordon Gordon. I'm I'm I'm a new member at the church. This is this your number. Yeah man this is my phone number. I'm Jay I'm sorry. Oh that's your mom. Okay let's break all right. Well Yeah my bad man. I was trying to get in touch burns. Now it's a sale or home number somewhere. I can get in touch burns. Wait to tell me. Your name is what Gordon Gordon going. Not just doing the church man so I might not met you get James. Okay God bless you man thank you I appreciate it anyway. I could get your mom's Fun I mean you just joined the church I mean. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to talk to. I mean is there anything? Is there a message? I can pass on to Well Yeah I mean. I'm trying to see if it's all right for Let me to take her out. I've been seeing them for the last. Hold Up. Hold UP. Hello someone you would just send you a new member to the Church and somebody gave you. They were tipping to give you my mother's number and you're asking me if you can take a man why wouldn't ask you you? I thought I had her phone number. I guess getting your number by mistake. That's my reason for call. I thought I was going to get her. I want to take her out. You know maybe to dinner or something. Well I'll be quite honest. Magic came back home from overseas from fighting and everything man. I mean you know pods just passed away not too long ago and I you know. I ain't too keen on my momma going out with somebody. And besides you don't even sound like as she in the Sixties Mel you may. I'm thirty six the hell out of here. You how I'm thirty six. I'm thirty four. Is You doing you do realize my mom is pushing sixty right? Well you know I look at it like James Right they look at it. You know hazing them but a number man it was in your heart man. How you care yourself you know. Hey but my main no cougar. Like and I know she ain't coming after you. I remember telling me that she tried some new as of this church but going out with this thirty thirty. How do you baby thirty? I'm thirty six. Do you like my brother. Something may ain't no way in the world mom going to be okay day. Let me say this man I want I even though I was calling you second of all. I'm calling to speak where I'm not calling trying to get permission from you is a grown woman decided. Whoa WHOA WHOA talking about. I don't think I just came back from fighting overseas. Pops passed away not too long ago. I am the man the house. Let's get that story right now. I I okay. I'm still living at home and I'm the man that is how I you call and ask mom's on a date you might as well just stick the Church Dog. 'cause you know as I say be blessed but it ain't gonNA be no blessing for meat to you. I'll tell you right now. I'm not looking for a blessing from you at all brought. You may know this but I respect the fact that you've been overseas and you've been fighting for this country okay but if I decide I want a speak to Ms Burns about going then. This burns has every right to decide his. She would like to go out with Gordon and Gordon wants to take out. I only looked Brooke. Okay how old you say you are. I know my wants you to young as I already mentioned. I think going down where you my mother up straight up your Momma did decide. Oh no you you bring it on my and it word. Mama come out your mouth again. That's GonNa get you I. I don't know where you from. I don't know how you off up. Pretty Thick Church. My Mama go to and it ain't going to be hurt and you you ain't be asking out. I don't know what it takes. I was show up all Sunday. Can't show in the pool or wherever you going to be sitting in the back in the qual- it don't matter someone's going you would not don't get with. My mother liked it. You got that. That's up your mom to decide if you WANNA go out with me that dinner and we did that and right now. It Ain't gonNA happen. I told you before the blessed or get you got to choice. I didn't fight three years to come back. It also deal with my daddy day and then comebacks suffer from PS Dido. I don't know what to do unless you wanted to get it like something from what. Ps Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. And I will release all their own. You got that I don't I I mean listen I WANNA know trump. You don't matter to me. You can call coach. Okay look man. Listen I ain't trying to have no trouble at all I'm going to say is right here. I'm I'm I talked to your mom on Sunday. Okay they'll tell you okay crazy right now okay. Can I say this cannot say one thing that you may explode? You Ain't got an unnecessary. You've got one more thing before you explode man listening. Yeah Man James. What I want to tell you this man. This is nephew. Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Yo Mama got the prank phone call you. This man is his nephew. Time from the Steve Harvey Morning. Show Man Your Mamma. Tell me she said my son been overseas. He'd been fighting. I'm glad to have him home. She said we got of laughing. You are you kidding. We got you good. We listened to this show overseas. Man I say. Thank you for fighting for this country. I WanNa ask you one more thing. What is the bad? It's an I mean. The bad is radio show in the lane man. Nothing but the Steve Harvey show get it overseas in the state. So thanks man. You know you did much already know. Mom's me to no don't date mothers. I wish you were talking about Dayton on my call you see. That's just see. That's you to go too far at that edge. But he usually goes to the edge over time. You know perfectly my car to reverse psychology. Don't psychology don't work with. We're already to get into the strawberry letter. Okay up next the subject. You can't have your cake and eat it too. We'll get into it right after this you're listening to Harvey Morning Show. I'm Jensen carpet. I want you to listen to the new podcast from three four media iheartradio called the supports report with Janssen cars. You see I'm a comedy writer. A die hard sports fan. Who was terribly missing the athletes? I love so much so every episode. I'm talking to them. The best athletes coaches commentators and legends from around the world to see what they're doing now they were all stuck on our cap on this. Podcast will hear sports figures are entertain themselves and their families. We'll find out if they're staying in shape if the kids were heckling them during home school. Do they almost burn down the house trying to make their own bread? Are they sleeping in their jerseys? And like I do know. Just meet all right. Some of my favorite episodes have been hearing boxing. Legend Sugar Ray Leonard. Talk about staying in shape in a driveway to working out. Kim is working on whatever? You can do much better or having Jay Williams. Explain his crazy. Nba Cruise ship idea. Some of these cruise liners are massive. Okay and getting Olympic Sweetheart Adam rippon to critique my quarantine fifth that screams to me too. I don't car listening to the No sports report. Now subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or WHEREVER YOU GET PODCASTS. Do you know what it feels like to change a diaper while wearing one does your sweaty face twitch when someone says you've got the pregnancy glow hi it's Katie lowes fellow Mama and host of Katie's crib a podcast where we have open and honest conversations about what it's really like to be a parent this season we've Got Power House Guests America Ferrera and Gabrielle Union. It's real MOM's real talk real tired. New episodes release every other Thursday. 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