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Hi welcome to the lead veterans of finn caspian my name is jonathan messenger in with me as always is my friend bebop robo mogo wanna try i really thought that if i said his name he would appear kind of like a genie or something but whose such luck i have not seen bebop and a couple of weeks i'm getting kind of worried about it so listen if you happen to see a robot wandering around your town or you see any new stories about art galleries or museums with half eaten paintings please let me know mp bob if you're listening come home okay buddy come on home and if this is some sort of long prank you're pulling on me please stop 'cause i don't wanna know how it ends all right well i guess we'll just continue with the show shall we and so now we've entered our choose your own adventure story where you listeners are voting after each episode for which way the story is going to go after the last episode you could've voted for megan page in proto folly foggy and elias or abigail and finn facing off with the evil robots and you chose overwhelmingly suspense trumbull.

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