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Abol of soul a mix of soul music When? You. Find myself just this. Just. Wish. We were. Goes. Dating. Show. A. Friends. I. Issue and fun. School. added. Giving you some hot. Jazz Funk R&B from some of the best West Coast La. Musicians Harvey Mason Ed. Green Jay. Graydon. Ray Parker Junior and tower of power Ernie Watts Watson many more this apple. J.. P. Morgan was a singer from the fifties and sixties but. She really put her foot musicians, put their foot in it. You definitely should try to get this album. It is really this is before they gave the name smooth jazz, but this album is solid and it was produced back. Then by David Foster who produce Cheryl Lynn, he was also part of this group called wildfire. And he also produced earth wind and fire's album also in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy nine. So definitely check out. Miss J. P. Morgan. This is this is a solid cut. You should hear her version of you can't hide love is killer. You thought the version by Dionne was good. Her version was killer and this is a bowl of Seoul, the professor t love coming at you once again, bring you some sexy soul. Classic soul RMB's move jazz coming up. NEX. Another favorite of Mine Mr Norman Connors this is off of his album from one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight, call. This is your life. This single right here would you like to see at? This is a bowl of soul this Job York and you're listening to a both soul with Terry Ferguson. Palm. Yup. Being me. Album. Four. Thirty. Learned. Impact. Jazz pissed.

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