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Whatever war will be highlighted and recognized on our website this great you know I was introduced to you the organization by a a great friend of mine Jack Merrin who played in the NBA for many years it was an all American at Duke and following his career Jack went back to Duke law school and is a practicing attorney in in North Carolina he and his wife robin into two great friends he introduced me to hope for the warriors and I hope that tonight I've introduced this charity to some of our listeners out there and if anyone wants to find a great veterans charity it is hoped for the warriors dot org robin Keller thank you so much a we will talk soon okay all right thank you Dan at night you too thank you very much thank you for the work you do when we get back we are going to talk about an extraordinary extraordinary essay that was sent to me today particularly in the context of what is going on sadly among students at Harvard we talked about this a little while ago there was a a rally to abolish ice at Harvard University among students which of course can happen and the Harvard crimson made the horrific mistake in the minds of some at Harvard University of actually seeking a comment from ice the organization which was being rallied against waiting to hear this story and and what the Harvard now they're a student government administration has done look Harvard you have to be pretty smart to go to Harvard but I think there's a lot of kids over there who just don't understand what this country is all about in terms of the first amendment and I will compare what the student government association at Harvard is doing with a very interesting essay entitled thoughts from hipster coffee shop coming back on the other side stay tuned I think you will be delighted by what you're about to.

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