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Gonna, uh I don't know the exact model. I was gonna say you you have to play the bond music on a lute. Kinda like an ice cream truck where the same song always plays. Yeah, I would just play this concept. All right. Well, good luck to you, Frank. That's one of the greatest movie songs ever. Yeah, I love that, Frank. Thanks for your call. Robert and Lawrenceville. You're under Jersey one on 1.5. Hey, How's it going? How you guys doing? Hi, Robert. Hey, welcome. Okay, so I'm gonna go real quick. Just, uh all right. So what I did to include trail years ago, maybe about 22 years ago, And so you know, you're walking through the you know, Woods the trails and it's really beautiful because there's no people around and then when we got too much, pho It was overcrowded. I'm talking about have to been at least half a million people. We're talking about. It's you know you're in the woods, but nobody around you. And then you get out. And you hoping that you know, after you entered through son Gates you saw you're gonna see those beautiful Ma GP to just Christine. But now it was just over crowded with tourists. So I think I would definitely have have to pay for a day of our GPS you just by myself. I didn't think Okay, when you said half a million. You were just saying you just mean a whole lot of people. You don't really mean. Yes, but I mean, no, it's okay. Say it happened million. It's probably close to like 100,000. Oh, my God. Really? How many people are even What's the population of Peru to begin with? Okay, forgive my ignorance, Robert. But is there any way to access mantra P two other than walking there? Yeah, that's that's the problem. What they call it. The lazy is the lazy Zehr busting. Our bus is pretty much So that's why you get a lot of occasions. Why people just you know, because of the, um That lack of oxygen people have problems because they haven't prepped T get there. You got to go on a week day? Yeah, I really like your little bird special. Are there any touristy stuff? Mr C stuffs around their stuff Things writer. No, not really. I think just like it was like two little rush like, too little food courts, and that's about a couple little stores, but nothing That was once you get to match a peach. It's really on top of the hill. It's like Super high you got So it's not much. It's really just you're going there, you know to see much of creature, but the problem is, it's just It's overwhelming. I mean, when we went there was, you know you're in the woods for four days, hiking the Inca trail. With. You know your group of people. I was about to ask how long it takes to get there. If you're if you're walking in days, four days about four days for the trip weed it was four day height and it was beautiful. Wow. Five mile height Go dead woman's past 13.5 1000 ft. Almost Oh, yeah, I'd be one of the ladies. Uh, that settles it. It's too bad. I'll be in the Bahamas with that other guy. All right, Robert. Good luck. Thanks for your call, girl. Certainly I'd be there. Four day hike, huh? Yeah, really? Nobody that I could see if you're fit enough and the beauty of it. I could see it if you wanted to. Chris from Delaware. You're in New Jersey One of 1.5. Hey, guys, Long time listener, Frequent caller from Delaware Township. Certain fell and you know, other than taking care of the obvious. I've had some medical issues last year. Pay bills. Take care of my relatives. In my wife, my son, etcetera. My fun thing would be to do I have two very good friends, JT and will and we race the sportsman class down at New Egypt. So Would get them and we're very, very low budget compared to some of the other racers so that I would hook them up with brand new race cars and new toe truck enclosed trailer. So that we could, you know, go racing and rent some racing and show off their towns because they're both very good drivers. But we're just lacking in the equipment time. What is this Sportsman class? What does that mean? How fast to those? Go? What do they look like? Well there, it's hard to describe their what used to race at Flemington Speedway in a long time ago. Sportsman is the middle class. It's a typically a small block Chevy murder and then the modified class. That's the big stuff. That's a big block engine and a lot of money. Even in the sportsman class. It's it's you know, to be competitive a minimum of $50,000. Probably a lot more than that. The modified serving for a couple of 100. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Well, two million you could do it. All right, Chris. Good luck to you. Thanks for your coming. Yeah. I will. We'll take a quick break and we'll get back to this. We're doing one of those lottery wish list. There's one drawing going off tonight. Mega Millions and Powerball. I believe is tomorrow night and they're both right around half a billion 1 802 8311.5 Jersey all the time You set my mind at ease, New Jersey one at 1.5. Yeah, this season. I actually had little business cards made Eric Robi no fantasy baseball GM..

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