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Oh man. Is it getting later Lee for the NFC east and loud early in New York and interesting weekend for all parties involved. That really came to a nice crescendo last night as we got to Sunday night football, lots to get to there in the NFL. We've already got some answers and major league baseball in the postseason coming off the weekends and some more coming up in cluding, Aaron, judge making a nice statement walking out of Boston continues to make this guy the premier Yankee in this franchise in the perfect Derrick jeeter substitute. Now we'll get to all that. Shortly after we talk about Sunday night football because the Texans beating the Cowboys on its own is note worthy. Texans moved two and three on the year. After a bit of a lacklustre start, you've seen this team rounding into form. But you look at what it means for the Cowboys and for the NFC east and what a strange year one where we thought. The Philadelphia Eagles would continue to have their stranglehold on this division would pick up where they left off last year, especially once Carson Wentz got back on the field and healthy. Thought that the giants maybe infusing saquon Barkley into this lineup, getting a healthy, oh, Beckham junior back. And of course bringing back a UI manning that gamble there would pay off for them and everywhere you look, this division seems to.

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