How Democrats Rigged a Presidential Election with Mollie Hemingway


But kind of walk through some of the things that you found in researching this because this is one of the most under research topics in the history of news. You have the entire news media just not just uninterested, but they're invested in making sure you don't talk about it. Exactly right. So one of the things that I think is very interesting is that the same democratic operative who ran the Russia lie. That was the lie that Donald Trump stole the 2016 election by colluding with Russia. His name is Mark Elias. He was at Perkins cooey which is this big democratic firm. He recently left to start his own firm at more money and have more power and control. And he was the one that funneled the secretive Russia lie. That was where Hillary Clinton paid for opposition research. It was just inventions, lies, that Donald Trump was planning to steal the 2016 election and that he did steal the 2016 election. They actually have kept it going, this entire time. His name is Marc Elias. He's also the guy who ran the democratic operation to change all voting laws leading up to the 2020 election. And that meant different things in different states. So that could be about watering down the integrity of mail in balloting, that could be expanding the period of time in which you vote so that you're not really sure how many people voted or when they have to get their ballots in by. And he has this array of different groups that he works with, whether they're democratic operatives or nonprofit nonpartisan groups that are actually just kind of arms of the Democratic Party, who would have them file lawsuits. And so it was just this wide ranging operation to weaken the integrity of the election system. And because of COVID, you know, this is something that he had been wanting to do for decades, but because of COVID, suddenly all these judges or other people were more amenable

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