Author Matt Palumbo of 'Man Behind the Curtains' Discusses George Soros' Secret Network


We're talking to Matt Colombo author of a I'm telling you folks who will not be disappointed It's going to be a book of the year Demand behind the curtain by Matt Colombo It's about George Soros's secret network Are you telling me that he's going local Austin races local district attorney races Because his money can make a big difference in the success rate is higher because that makes a lot of sense Yeah but you know the thing is like if presidential elections it's hundreds of millions of billions of dollars to move the needle It takes quite a bit If I'm running in a DA race and a 100,000 people vote in it if you drown a candidate in one or $2 million that is immense success And a lot of these source prosecutors actually are household names You know chase of boudin every week we're seeing open shoplifting in San Francisco That's him That's a source back here Kim Fox who went across to Jesse Smollett He saw us back In fact there was a case last week where there was a gang shooting in public about a dozen people involved She wouldn't cross the committee claiming that it was mutual combat So because both parties wanted to open fire and broad daylight well we can't prosecute that So these are the kind of people he's back

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