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Songs that I love singing Big 98, Nashville's number one for new Country Got No, Let's take two honey Hole where the You always buy and one that's a short cut anywhere As long as you ain't short on time, Uh, down everyone in this county at least a couple 1000 times they can get these four ways made be all that they can take me where you take me. Your first things is back Brooke's baby that it to the medal with the windows there first time across that state. I believe you read her files. Too late. Heavens, one hell of abuse, but nothing hold you driving that good old Cox and more crazy on the best faces back roads. You want. Nobody goes. Turns in seven main cream, little moonlight mode all the time, baby. You know what I mean? Bossy. Arrived out here. Let's dots on your list thing since backwards baby headed to the medal with the windows there so long Crossette saving Found near view with her clouds too late. Heavens, one hell of a view, buddy. Got nothing holding driving this good all boxing more crazy over best faces back proof, baby. Ready is a wishy painted with them in the sky seat seat muzzling loved. You're the best things is back roads, baby pedal to the metal little windows down such signs heading all across that saved me hanging from a rear view. Render clouds too late, Heading one hell of a beauty. Better got nothing holding traveling this good constable Crazy faces backwards. Clean your best phases back room, baby. Uh, miss Faces back for fading? Yeah. Brand new from Jake Owen. Best thing since back roads. The big 98 is Nashville's number one for a new country. So this is pretty.

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