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Is he on my side there was on his side is he have his own agenda what's the look on his face what's happening in his eyes what's his body language like all of that is taken in it's not just communication is not just what we say it's everything about us that gives us a chance to find out what's in the other person's mind and vice versa i i'm ben matheson welcomed a kickass news that was actor writer and director alan alda speaking about a subject he's come to know very well communicating and relating to others through his alan alda center for communicating science at stony brook university he works tirelessly to teach scientists and doctors how to understand and talk to their patients the public students the media politicians grant riders and even others in their own field alan alda says he's just as proud of the work he's doing in the scientific and medical fields as years of any of his accomplishments as an actor writer and director and that certainly saying lot as his accomplishments on television stage and film are many alan alda has been inducted into the television hall of fame and nominated for thirty four emmys he's one six emmys plus six golden globes and seven pupils choice awards he's won the director's guild award threetimes for his work on television and he's been nominated for two riders guild awards he famously played hawkeye pierce on the classic beloved television series mash and wrote and directed many of the episodes including the finale which remains the most watched episode of any television series.

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