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Three hours in your I would welcome the opportunity to travel with you to the fantasy our men and women and how hard they are working to care for children for virtually things holding children that were not their own Fatah crossed by smugglers putting formula and baby bottles together that is given medically defending himself before how hard they work and if you saw these border patrol men and women in action you would be as offended as I am about the way Kevin was treated yesterday see him the guys god the face of a Joe Friday he does not buckle but to me I would love to see a little Tom home an emotion blasting back Elijah Cummings for theatrics Scott listing online in Denver Colorado he's got your brain my question is exactly what you're talking about this guy's been blasted by these hypocrites they created the problem refused to do anything about it now they want him to take the heat for down to the border where they're invited refused not just on this point but I mean months ago they've been asked several times to go down they will go down with Republicans because they know that they would get there easily but handed to him but why a novel are the Republicans knowing that the Democrats are going down our necks required ages booking tickets left and right senior like you're going down your great cancel we're coming down with you we're in a we're in C. with AC and you know it in to get get Kevin back on his back that the border today Schumer and this is what you're talking about Scott a humor is a leading a Democrat board of is it the same the same Democrats it turned out Lindsey Graham's Graham's invitation to join him last week this week he's going he said he and other congressional Democrats will travel to southern border this weekend to investigate inspect and evaluate the latest conditions at the facilities they wouldn't even take a vote they wouldn't even finance they finance reluctantly two weeks ago and now the after refusing a trip now they gonna go down there guess was going to say bad conditions I guess we got a plane Donald Trump and I got to say that's what he wants because he doesn't like it immigrants or Hispanics we've seen this gate we've seen this song she thanks for the call Joe was sitting in Tennessee Joe good morning Brian Kilmeade how are you today good in Tennessee you're talking about a congressman from Minnesota yes Sir yeah you better believe I am you know after all the big don't stop with the chant which I thought was great I enjoyed the team and I was I was laughing I'm like listen to that you know yeah he would you know I'll tell you a story I'm an immigrant who was coming into our country and he had nothing but bad to say about how much money and how long until this and that and by the time he got done is little spiel I look right at administration I told them that if you're going to come over here and bad mouth my country things are going your way the only thing is just Seagal who would you say is it listen I get behind us or or you could go anywhere else you want we just go home with.

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