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Passed that $1.7 trillion spending deal spending bill at funds the government through September. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in just minutes. It's ten 18 now. Back in Joe Conway in the traffic center. I will start off in the district where we don't have any reports of any major or minor issues for that matter on the highways or even the locals right now. We're in pretty good shape as you make the drive on three 95 and 6 95 across the district northbound southbound IG 95 or D.C. 2095 between oxen hill and eastern avenue. Likewise seems to be true on the Virginia side of things capital beltway travel still in good shape, 95, three 95, no current issues to report. Easy pass lanes remain southbound directions, 66, good both inside and outside the beltway, no current issues to report for you. On the Maryland highway travel, you're in good shape on the capitol to beltway through prince Georges and Montgomery counties, two 70. Marilyn 200 the ICC 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway mostly in good shape, finding delays on the north Dan Parkway and stretches out a green belt heading up toward Laurel, but lane should be available. Laurel lycius persists on one 97 between powder mill road and old Laura buoy wrote that the emergency utilities zone in that stretch and police will direct and turn you around. On one 98, just each of the Baltimore Parkway crash investigation was ongoing at last report, one 98 near van dusen wrote it was the emergency utility work there, causing delays and causing a detour. On the Montgomery county side of things in alni on one O 8 between Wickham and ani mill road, the emergency works in there will have folks turned around under police direction. We are brought to my Greenberg a betterment for more than 35 years they've helped tens of thousands of clients who have been hurt in car crashes or victims of medical malpractice, visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better. I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic. All right, we're hanging on to these cold temperatures hoping for a little bit warmer day later today, maybe tomorrow. Let's check and find out what is going to happen. Storm team for meteorologists, clay,

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