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Mostly saying there is not particularly right. I started with the opportunity. An opportunity came out of my real world problems right so i was already. It's interesting because a lot of all of the technical. All technology businesses that i've created came out of the actual rob him that i faced already and needed to create a technical solution for so when i created the maven promo the the digital in-store music video network was because for five years russia twenty some years. The retail chain had been using cd's or vhs tapes before that to receive and distribute videos to stores which caused a lot of problems for example the This dvd would be. It was scratch over us. They couldn't get new music more frequently so as an employee you're hearing the same playlist of music over. Yeah right so but with something that was cloud base and at the time the idea though in the cloud base venture Was very popular. We're using Determined in the cloud and all that stuff To build a cloud based music you network enabled us to address some of these problem. Our value proposition was very clear at yes. I did do A competitive analysis in terms of looking at who else was in the in the space providing music for retail what was a cause for their features or serbs offering. So i did some of the stuff but not all this stuff. I i started working on this before. I went to grad school. When i went to grad school actually took a class on management and entrepreneurship and Solar more concepts and those concepts of able to apply later on to other businesses and also in my consulting work went to abc's on california state university northridge to get a masters in music industry administration. this particular degree program was a joint venture between the the mike curb college which which housed the music industry program so he took music industry courses but also the david is aaron. School ask will management which housed the mba program and all the other sort of business economics programs so he took traditional mba classes from financial managerial accounting to organizational.

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