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So we can learn the basic steps that we could have a nice night on our wedding. And while while in Nashville, right, some countries songs, I wrote the this'll Diddy late at night and saying it on her voicemail and ages surprise. It ended up on the record some some months later performing as well dance. This is Jason Mraz. I'm q. two, three. Can't stop thinking about you. Of your smile. I can't stop reading. Level, you're the best Buca ready new. I don't just read you. I read to my heart is. PD is keeping me from sleep in the only one of cheating. This me Adam tainted. tainted. We got nothing to lose. Once. Shoes. We got nothing. Take off. Already. Play. Over. Good. Don't you want some collusion. We turn out the light hundred. Hearts to hit. Good in the show. Because the sweetest on eighty that's. We got nothing. Where all ready. Take. Jason Miranda's with a song about some pent list. Dancing might as well dance recorded live for q Bill. Bell, join

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