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Six thirty washington's mall wmal than james stanley well the first ten months of antoine wilson's rain over the dc public school system was relatively quiet and productive for the most part according to most observers but that has changed in the minds of many who once had high hopes for the former oakland schools leader the washington post reporting this weekend that last month a city commission investigation discovered about one in three graduates in 2017 missed too many classes or improperly took makeup classless undermining the validity of hundreds of high school diplomas that were handed out and the latest issue with wilson came to light on friday when dc officials revealed that he's circumvented a role that he put into place about who can go to which schools and win by enlisting the assistance of a deputy mayor to get his daughter and to a highperforming school rather than the one in her own district that deputy mayor has since resigned in a letter to dc mira murio bouncer wilson took full responsibility for the lottery system mess and apologized to dc residents and if asked for forgiveness police say a student had brought a gun and a knife to his maryland high school in washington dc suburb montgomery county police say in a statement that 18yearold out when chen was arrested this past thursday afternoon after clarksburg high school officials found that he had a loaded ninemillimeter and a knife police say the gun was in chin's book bag while the knife wasn't a shirt pocket an iranian airliner with sixty six passengers on board has disappeared in shortly after take off and correspondent sam kyw lee says the chance of finding survivors is not good they think it it went down and the assumption is that all of those on board amazed nightly have perished lebron james says he will not stick to sports the cleveland cabs superstar reiterated his determination to speak out on social issues and the nation's political climate over the weekend during his media availability for the nba allstar game james spoke publicly after fox news host laura ingram criticized the threetime nba champion for his recent comments on social issues bureau definitely not set up in.

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