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Sales so of south dakota wins at the us supreme court sweeping this'll be yeah those companies then would be required to start working with amazon to collect sales taxes in all fifty states that's pretty interesting at this stage in the game when it comes to technology should the supreme court be weighing in on this right now because this is the kind of thing that could slow the technology down it could slow sales down well the supreme court decided to take this case which is south dakota versus wayfair the online retailer for one reason is is that the regulations written in the nineties were back in the day of the catalog still trying to get all that pottery together with their green stamp collection i would imagine the majority do don't slowly seven forty five you've heard about this starbucks controversy involving two manda were arrested right there in a starbucks what we'll get into that president really is seven forty five a check on traffic here's melinda brandt reports have iraq on thirty five southbound just pass fourteen thirty one in round rock that collision thirty five southbound approaching ninety has been cleared but we still have traffic backed up all the way to wells branch parkway and getting reports of iraq over on toll when thirty south on it got a school road your next report's at eight oh four a melinda bryant with austin's on time traffic sunny.

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