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You know you know what i'm going to give him a shot you know he young guy i'm young guy you know all this what's really starting to pissed me off is that i'm getting older and he's staying the same age and i'm realizing that like the older i get less and less people are telling me how young i am and so all these things are bothering me but i do think it's amazing what what a what ryan is cheat and building this community and and really in putting on on this event the very first event that we did trapping divergent summit had about half the people that were at this one and so amazing amazing work that he's done to build this communities let's give him another big around the process for that is truly really impressive so my name is ryan dice how many you guys have no idea who i am perfect i'm going to assume that you don't care who i am so i'm going to dispense with some of the with the introductions if you're interested at the end i can maybe tell you some more about me but portable i'm gonna talk about today's he is the importance of building guy you in advance and and a big aspect of that is the acknowledgement that no one cares who you are in so you first explain why you deserve to exist i in particular this dichotomy in and really decide this idea someone talk about branding that's cells but but this distinction between direct response and branding in particular so i on digital marketercom and digital market outcome we talk about digital marketing weird if we talked about anything else right so digital market itcom we take all the cool stuff that we figure out running all of the other companies that we run and gets one of the things that makes us different lots of people talk about digital marketing the difference with us as we actually do digital marketing.

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