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Radio countdown on kgan i decided we're not going every music report i am going to sing that ronnie as a universal anyway especially the victoria soon as i say something like that oh boy oh it's not just me all right so in the entertainment world trolls like victoria who attacked me just saying attack kelly ripa for taking vacation saturday you know what a troll is you ever seen a picture of a troll from from yeah i was gonna say there are mythological creatures yeah yeah they usually sat at the end of my pencil and had you know crazy colored hair really trolls that i know of got okay so why does anybody care how much time off kelly ripa takes two people need to get a life well apparently people are very upset when they turn on kelly and ryan and it's i guess a rerun or something i don't know what they do when they go on vacation it's the summertime you're supposed to expect that right ellen ellen ellen has reruns running the whole week so it's like everyone takes vacation but yeah weird that they attack that they attack kelly for things like that people get a life is a lot of flak though the body shaming people make fun of how short her husband is like it's really crazy why people feel oh why because she's very popular she's very likeable and people don't like that i feel it here locally with me and my trying to save the farm i'm getting somewhere people don't wanna see me get somewhere so they go into this crazy mode of this is sick we'll do they attack you for wearing a bikini because all these people kelly ripa has a sick body and people are attacking her for wearing a bikini because she i thought she was in good shape that's what i mean yes she has an amazing body and for whatever reason some people are trying to shame her that she shouldn't wear a bikini because she's forty seven oh ooh yeah that's right maybe i should wear a bikini either then enrolled in the ninety even and i have a fabulous body so as moved to somebody who doesn't even longer have as music news time prince no longer has this fabulous but his body was that cooling skinny they had a great voice and a great ability to entertain his estate has inked to deal they'll give sony music and legacy recordings distribution rights to thirty five previously released prince albums so i suppose this would be considered a re release right yeah charting later this year legacy is going to be allowed to make available nineteen prince albums were issued between ninety five and twenty ten they include.

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