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So something I was thinking about Gary just yesterday. I had a chat with a guy. I'm sure you know also has covered the NBA for quite a while and that's back on Phillips who was with Deadspin now is chatting with him the other day and we're just kind of going back and forth about the NBA in general and talked about the Celtics a little bit and he's like an old by the way, they're at him. Is there a team in NBA history that feeds off of One Singular Championship more than the 08 Celtics which is you know, there isn't wage isn't there just isn't you know, it's and that's certainly the national View and a lot of it is because you know so many of these guys perk most recently or in the media obviously Pierce and kg has been in the media plenty's got the book out. Now, the way it looks awesome. I want to read it but it's it's true there but there I don't bring that up to like dump on 08. I mean, that's one of my great memories as a sports fan. I love that team but there is obviously an element of of living in the past with this organization that is has just been the case and and to the point where it's almost kind of problematic I think and you know, I I heard I don't know if you listen to what Groesbeck, you know on on The Sports Hub yesterday and and didn't say a whole lot that was Earth shattering and you know credit him for for doing the appearance in the midst of struggles in the first place, but one misstep that I think he did make or at home. One bad look is saying that you know, look, we we thought that Kyrie Irving was going to be here forever and and and he decided to go somewhere else and you know, we had to kind of pivot responding and it just to even harkened back to Chi relieving I mean one. How does that make me feel from Kemba Walker to how does it kind of make me feel if I'm the other superstars on your team and it just feels a little bit unnecessary to even you know, single out a situation that that went wrong a ultimately, you know, revisionist history, but ultimately a bad gamble obvious life and a guy that so passionately didn't want to be here and didn't buy in and you know everything that we've come to learn after the fact and now he goes somewhere else and he's finding success because now he actually cares and he's with guys that he wants to be with it's just off to even bring it up in the first place and and to live in that mindspace. I think it's concerning Yeah, you know, I don't know what to say. I mean, I think that there is a level of like yeah living off hallway is definitely something that you know, I mean look at look at guy like Scalabrine, you know whom is considered a God here over the offseason. Although he wasn't on the playoff roster like the finals roster. No, but yet he's a God here. He's a champion. They do a lot of mileage off of that and that's thirteen years. That's a long time and it just seems like yesterday and everything seems like maybe eight seven eight years ago doesn't seem like 13,000. Um, but man if you watch NBA games and awake remember you really realize who's wouldn't be in the league then know Steph. No Kauai, you know, Harden no birth. Durant as a rookie skinny rookie where Seattle like if you go back to 08 and watch the O A games you just oh my God, it's that's that that guy was a week then. Like I said, it's it's.

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