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Game on the road. We're able to do that. Right. Mayor looking like they're going to wrap up home field advantage in the NFC. Their next two games are the Steelers and the Panthers. They'd get them both at the dome. The offense for the saints spin iffy. The past three weeks. They only score ten points against Dallas. And Los say got twenty eight points against the butts, and that was a struggle for them. And then only twelve points against the Panthers. Not going to sound the alarm, but I do think that we're seeing defense is starting to catch up to these offenses and is a pretty good debate on Twitter right now talking about how hey the first four weeks of the season is really geared more toward the offense. And guys on defense. You're going to training camp. You can't do a lot of tackling. You're not doing a lot of hitting. It's taking these guys a minute to kind of find themselves and they're doing it toward the end of the year. I think that theory is pretty good one theory. We know Cam Newton is not one hundred percent. Here's Cam on the loss to the saints. Uphold our end of the bargain day. We just done sustained drives, you know, the defense that we played against they're pretty good. But we just have to do a better job. Our defense played a hell of a game. And we gotta reward them when they do those things two turnovers in a various all comes down to execution, and it's just like I said sustaining draws anyway, we didn't do that. All right. So Cam Newton's not one hundred percent at all. He just can't push the ball down the field. And it's the whole shoulder cameras up. That's. How frustrated you know, it's not necessarily a practice, which it is to a degree. But when you've been doing something, you know over certain times, you kinda get in a regiment of of when you're supposed to do certain things. Obviously, my arm has an allow me to do a lot of practice. Been on a pitch count for for long term. But it ended today, you know, it is was it is. But that's not. That's not. That's not the scapegoat. That's not something. I want people to bail me out on something that is reality. All right. Pretty garrett. Carolina fan. The Keat running him out there. He's not good. It's not a good. Well, why not do something else should be should be done? Now, you should be shelved since there's absolutely no nothing to play for this point other than a draft pick. I mean, put them down. Just I mean, I don't get it. We've heard from people that come on the show our guys in Charlotte or Landry guys. Like, this are all telling us that he's been hurt, and you can tell his Ben normally when he's off he overthrows, and that has not been the case in the last several weeks. He's under throwing guys he was bouncing the ball, McCaffrey. And other receivers last night. When you see him try to wind up throw. I mean there breeze would throw a forty yard out pattern with a little flick of the wrist. And that was what Cameron normally do. Now. He's putting his entire body into a throw just to get it on like a twelve yard slant. He's putting everything he can't throw the ball deep. He hasn't done it in weeks. I can't remember the last time we went for a deep pass. So why not criticize the GM mardi Herni? Why are you allowing this to happen? You're playing for a trying to get back to the playoffs. He's your best weapon. Yeah. You can't throw it. He's still were winning games early. And we're not winning games at Taylor Hennion heineke, so until yobs improved. He can't be when a games his way. But you were still in the hunt. So you have to go with your number one draft pick and your boy. And now now you're out. So you should be gone. He should be sitting. This is this is a shame that the organization doesn't have somebody ready to roll. With you've got a guy like Cam Newton who's been nicked the past couple years, why haven't they protected themselves. I don't get it that this has been a problem. It's a problem all day long and their season is going to end. This is a team that I thought. I thought would compete I thought would compete. I thought the NFC south will beat the best division in football this year. It has not been the the saints have have done their deal. They have done their deal there. They've wrapped it up. And now they're trying to wrap up home field advantage. Let's move next into college football. Justin field is leaving the university of Georgia. Some recruiting services said he was a number one player in the country. Dan, welcome USA today broke the story. How come Kirby smart could not keep it keep fields to get keep him bear? How could you not keep that whole Frahm fields thing? I don't know using him better whatnot. Anyway, we'll get dance take on that plus DJ Dirk and on the working with Nick Sabin, Dan Wilkinson like he thinks Alabama's wrong for that. Lots of college football talk coming up right now on NBC sports radio..

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