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Hour if you too junior radio and didn't know we're going to be doing this every Sunday except for four Sundays throughout the fall during the football season crying NFL football season. We'll have to let people know what those are. Maybe we Maybe Mr Pierce, let us cut a promo and put people on notice during the week. I think the last thing that I do all right, Michael, I hope you heard that he's probably not up yet. The sales people sleep in. Mike does a lot with his kids. He's very involved. This kid's life coaching stuff like that. So he needs his rest. Yeah, I get that. I don't know. Well. I know you do what? You know. Yesterday when Mike was on the set, it was at Eastern Michigan Distributors. Only thing that was missing was you because everyone was family there. That room was blonde, some kind of family that which you know you and I love you know, I was listening to it on the way to the wedding, and I was reminded of what a great family business that is, and you know what? That's a backbone. America. Those people? Yeah, they truly are mean. It's not camp. It's not, you know. It is absolute fact those businesses You never hear about him right now. Not a major corporation had traded on the Dow Jones but they are the backbone of our economy. I love it. How many employees did they say? They have 2025 25? Yeah, that between both source. I think of the ripple effect of that company. And when they show at the top, how important family is in all the employees see that? That's just ripples now. Oh, absolutely does 00.888654 guys equals 886544897? We have about half an hour left. Our phone lines are open. Let's talk to Carl in Troy. Good morning, Karl. You're on with the inside outside guys. W. J. R..

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