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Hey yeah okay it was against paco for sure right yeah yeah so but but yeah i mean i think if you're like i think if you're an old coach before and you retired or let's say you hadn't coach for a while but you kinda just watch the game if you have passion for it because look i mean look like you're you're an analyst dan right how many hours of tape do you watch though when you do those things so imagine it from our side and you know i'm obsessive with this stuff you know like you know you're sitting there like we're we're in we're in a video room like moneyball looking for like the one thing that somebody might not have seen and then the hard part or one of the parts that i think you have to be you have to have a good quality when you're coaching is all right well maybe me dan saw the same exact tell that fate or is doing ten i convey it though can i actually conveyed them so that oh i've when we come back maybe he can tease one i don't know it'll be that'd be both you i don't i don't know if million cooled watching it or may junkie all right think close folks we'll be back we have angelo race in the house also on today's show we will be talking to muhammed who's mon the younger bigger brother of comorros mon will also be talking to jamal emmers got to win this past friday at lfa sorry who's mon won't be fighting at vmc sixty and a couple of weeks so those will be our other guests and we'll finish out a little bit here with with the boxing talk and start talking frank mir versus fate or a million and go plus all the news that's out there in grades four to mixed martial arts wilson take your calls at eight six six five two two two eight four six they close we'll be right back.

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