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In the wrestler movie Some point to that as a timeframe around which he went from being more like two more scrutinized by wrestlers and his colleagues fellow promoters even and by the eighties. I mean I heard really negative things about fern within the industry. You sounds like you got to see more More disarming version of somebody who when he was around you was relaxed and and just kind of appreciated what you were able to do for him in the ring. One of the things you were known for and I know Harley race complimented for this Kenny. Is You made your opponents. Look like a million bucks in that ring and it sounds like just always appreciated that about you. Well Yeah and You know like I said. I wrestled over and many times that we had a great measures. You know I mean he. Greg my ribs once but it was Having resigned but You know but I really You know I still are three. Shared the guy and the like you see. He was a promoter and He's GonNa book you know and If he's if you don't like you he's not GonNa kill you know so it's it's it's just a scratch. My bagger got your back or something but I I love the guy you know. I'll never you know his leg. I liked the crusher bag doll. You know I- I wrestle Amal and I I loved it while you know I mean. I don't care they they'd be home in my bed neighbor day. So and Mitch Cards helped me so you know I just I just appreciate all guys. That helped me absolutely Kenny. I didn't have a chance to talk to you before the show. But if you have to go you let me know if not would be happy to have you stick around to for more show. But I don't have time okay. Great excellent very good again. If you're just joining US sod buster Kenny Jay for three decades fixture of AWA television joining us today on the people you torch life cast. You can find this show. At P W torch live cast dot com or on five days a week. Tomorrow Torch Senior columnist Bruce Mitchell and the east coast cast dotcoms Travis. Bryant will be hosting at starting at seven eastern. That's a new Friday timeslot and the new Friday duo who host this show one. Quick Personal Note Business sort of if you didn't yet you can hear me on the Steve Austin show this week spending nearly two hours with Steve. Talking about Sunday's. Wwe extreme rules pay per view. If you want incentive to listen to it go onto my twitter. Feed the feedback has been tremendous as it usually is. I've been doing the Post pay per view shows Steve Austin every month for a while now and you can check that out on my twitter feed reviews of that at the Wade. Keller that is at the way Keller But yeah about an hour. Fifty minutes it Went live on Tuesday on itunes and over at podcast one. That is a Steve Austin. Show unleashed not the explicit version but the PG family friendly version almost two hours reviewing that show Mccarthy also joining me the former president of the Nick Bach Winkle Fan club and former AWA announcer longtime independent. Wrestling announcers. Still active today. I'm make I want to give you a chance here to talk about What you've got coming up where people can hear you announcing and some I know you're huge huge supporter of the indy wrestling. Cnn I like TV chance to plug. That I appreciate that. Yeah I mean that's Since the demise of the Awa the the independent wrestling scene in the state of Minnesota way do you know that I mean so many different promotions? The one that I'm involved with right now Very proud of it of course steel domain wrestling and promoter. Ed hellier going on about sixteen seventeen years now very very proud of the fact that you know some of the alumni Adam Pearce see Punk Colt Cabana. Eysenck deal. I mean it's just Austin Aries. Yeah I mean it's it's a great alumni. I mean Sean delivery. It's really really proud of it. And we're running shows about every five six weeks richfield American Legion Just outside of Minneapolis and then once a year we do a big show at the Hopkins Pavilion. And that'll be coming up in July so very very proud of what we're doing there so that That keeps me busy and You know I'm on. I'm on facebook. Twenty four seven. You know I might sleep for ten minutes but then I'm back on there and of course they've got a I got a wrestling fan page. typically old school wrestling. It's it's kind of the emphasis called slick mix wrestling fan page of all things and old time wrestling so you get a chance to check out and yeah. I'm I'm still keeping my name out there. I'm not waiting for that. Call from Vince anymore. I ever feeling that probably isn't going to happen So I think that by the telephone but You know wait. I'd rather talk to you. You know what I'm saying. Well thank you very.

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