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An exact tally of how many kids we are talking. About and they're also not making any promises to give any kind of legal status to these families, ABC Cecilia Vega in Washington, where the snow is still falling, and in other parts of the Northeast, this woman in Trenton, New Jersey, I wasn't expected to continue for this long but Is a little crazy, but the brunt of the major winter storm has moved through northern New England ground Hog Day We have a prognostication bucks a Tony fill in a virtual ceremony saw his shadow predicting six more weeks of winter. You're listening to ABC news. OK, time now is 5 10 time to get outside and check on those super commuters. Brian Devils. How are things looking for the right of the bank? Not too bad. This report is run by the California Office of Problem Gambling. If you're a super commuter on the high 5 to 2 of five and 5 80 things were great. You got a little slowing justice to approach 5 80 on westbound two of five. Once you get past grand line road, you're out of it, and you're good to go all the way up over the Altamont Pass. We do have chain controls. If you're headed up in the high country on I 80 Francisco to Donner like Don't have put him on to get over the summit yet on Highway 50, But you could see the weather we're having. I wouldn't go without him. No one chooses to become a gambling addict. They can choose to get help from a professional counselor for no cause. Confidential gambling addiction counseling. Call 1 800 gambling or tech support You 53342 traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk. So we got a wet morning in the valley of snowing in the high country at this hour, so be prepared. If you're heading that direction. We're looking at more rain today with 159 degrees in the Valley. Nightclub, the skies of lower on 39. Then tomorrow a chance of rain in the morning is gonna clear in the afternoon with a high near 54 degrees And then Thursday Sunny skies eyes reaching 57 in the valley. OK, time now for news from your neighborhood and was their first good morning of the day toe out of her now, huh? Just sleep. I slept pretty well. But the two of you don't know that is good. By the way kings won. I know Dear Fox. He's very good at basketball in the New Orleans pelicans. I like that name. 1 19 1 away. Yeah. Good game. It was.

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