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And it wasn't at vocal to or you know it's not necessarily just putting on a pair of glasses or you know yeah and yet on the flip side i also i really like and really respond to actors who strip away every external thing they're not trying to look different they're not trying to sound different near tried to distill whatever it is they're doing into a few moments that are universally empathetic were uh relatable and uh when all of that artifice has stripped away and it's none of that that that is probably my very so it's a good example of that serb moments pops mind i was actually we were talking earlier roles with a tale um there's there's something to me that it won't uh credibly moving about timothy spall performance in secret demise and that is not you know even though he doesn't really like it's like speak like that or anything there that he doesn't do much right and i remember seeing that movie in the theater and i was thinking i he's such a great actor but he's kind of looks like he's coasting through this movies not doing he's not doing much of anything ripe and you have somebody who's also incredible new movie brenda blethyn who was getting a lot of the press about in her but there is a moment nearing the end of the film where timothy spall is standing amongst these women that he has that he loves he says stop at stop at stop at stop and he loses loses it is says at the three women i love the most of my life can't stand each other and i can't take it anymore and all of this stuff that he just been sitting on for the whole movie comes out and i found it to be the most moving memorable and resonant performance i think that i mean of all time from that for me that's how the effect and it was an incredible lesson and i thought here's a guy that trusts what he's doing and there's no bells and whistles none nothing.

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