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Auto wreckers dot com Illinois has now surpassed ten thousand cases of covert nineteen will have that story and more following a look of WGN traffic and weather no problems to report on our expressways and tollways things moving at posted speeds at this hour on the CTA red line stations at Granville Thorndale in Bryn Mawr closed for weekend long construction until four o'clock tomorrow morning writers can use the numbers thirty six one forty seven and one fifty one buses near the close stations the CTA also operating free shuttle buses on nightly from ten until six in the morning the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center meteorologist Mike hammer that testimony clouds give way to mostly sunny skies a chilly lake wind will prevail though hive only forty two with the lake front fifty one of the airports and fifty four in the western suburbs northeast wind today and about seven to seventeen miles per hour tonight mainly clear cold and frosty low thirty one tomorrow morning sun followed by increasing cloudiness a late day or evening showers possible high sixty three on Tuesday partly sunny warm chance of a shower thunderstorm high seventy six on Wednesday mostly cloudy a few scattered mainly afternoon thunderstorms high seventy three and Thursday mostly cloudy cooler high fifty five from the WGN weather center I'm a candidate Illinois has now surpassed ten thousand cases of covert nineteen a total of two hundred forty three deaths doctoring goes he is Z. K. director of the Illinois department of public health made that announcement yesterday during the governor's news conference the number is sobering and reminds us that it's critical that we all do our part the more cases means the more hospitalizations the more hospitalizations means more deaths so every gesture for gesture that we forgo can help decrease our deaths thirty three new cases were announced Walmart stores across the country have new safety measures in place aimed at slowing the spread of covert nineteen and it means changes in the shopping experience of course here's WGN's Shannon Halligan only five customers are allowed inside per every one thousand square feet that's about twenty percent of the storage capacity then it's one person out one person in and that could mean lines outside stores will now use plexiglas guards at checkout signage for social distancing and increase cleanings the changes followed the deaths of two members at the Walmart at fifty ninth and western and evergreen park which led to a mere light for two guys clothes the stores liquor license are a sure are the mayor of evergreen park rather to close the stores and liquor license and get some answers also some changes to the store and historic Palm Sunday and Vatican City today in a minute bothering them figure.

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