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It doesn't matter we get we get information from a whole host of sources as you just said you got it from off yosi news that younger yet but you only get it you're you're only allowed to get it through the through the procedure that are available through the court if you're honest with the court about why the courts should give you permission so you can't in other words if you take something that's wang unverified information and you've got to you about for the court with it will we find american intelligence recording what you've scrub promotes europe's reasonably accurate uh a hyping integrity that would bonn for something to be relied on by a course uh if you haven't done those things that's a big problem who went to who went to the judge from the fbi uh dean defy the courts uh in the people who appear in the five the court are the justice department's national security division and that usually on the basis of an affidavit that style by a s an fbi agent in the fbi's national security division do we know the names of those people i don't think we do and size of stephens classified so i i'd be surprised if we find that out but i also wouldn't be surprised if strachan the asia my friend i can't thank you enough you ever take a vacation for much downton abbey ever take your vacation you can't you don't you know what i realize it would be a national disservice if you took a vacation in in the trump administration has been getting we'll get to break that's fair we don't need we get a win it's so right airdrie recalls the reader but now should review i devos's prager and not to mention.

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