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The Phoenix city council approved the talking stick resort arena renovation deal. The city will pay one hundred and fifty million of the two hundred and thirty five million dollars estimated cost the Suns will cover the rest. This comes after three hours of public comment, including this Phoenix resident we would not have the downtown area that we have right now had it not been for the Phoenix Suns in that arena. Council numbers also approved several amendments to require the Phoenix Suns to invest money for public programs. A licensed practical nurse sits in jail after Phoenix. Police arrested him on suspicion of sexual assault in impregnation of a twenty nine year old incapacitated woman at hacienda healthcare police chief Jerry Williams says DNA linked thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland to the victims baby this arrest to the veteran, we owed this the rest of the newest member of our community that innocent baby. Police say the baby boy is doing well in the search continues. For more possible victims down or suspects retired. Phoenix police sergeant Darren Burge tells KTAR MAC and Gaydos, Phoenix police were smart to ask the public's input on this case because it took police in the right direction. There's probably some, nurses or female employees that may have some information they can share. And that's why timing did a great job putting out silent witness. They can say provide this Intel suspect Nathan Sutherland, supposedly a Christian rap artists on the side is going through a divorce. The parents of a thirteen year old boy are suing the liberty elementary school district for two point five million dollars after his teacher was arrested for suspicion of sexually abusing him. The lawsuit says the district new britney's Mora talked with the students like the alleged victims through an app called class craft. Now, let's get a check on traffic..

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