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David, Thanksgiving, Donald Trump discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast


Him misspelling whereas as saying i can't open the linke set me okay planning rondo vouch please call leaving career being hey how's it going over there i i think the the honours ones will be a little more interesting can i tell you by the way if for as a as a patriots fan cowboy fan speaking to patriot's fan here david is at least half a cowboys fan out miserable it is to be in the anti goodell team not because i don't believe that he should have power to punish players a don't at all but you're fan base just turns completely nuts yep i mean luck relatives of mine the things they've said about the accuser the things they talked away they talk that got dark it it's very dark and it's pretty awful i hate it i mean i honestly just aiking it's i cannot their member a family members i can't talk to about this issue i'm just like we we just not we're not gonna be able to talk about it's going to be quite a thanksgiving for cowboys van is politics z jerry cans isaac last year when trump won i am from the state of texas after trump won it took the cowboys beating the steelers scored three touchdowns and left two minutes her meted to open up the phone lines again that was that was the coming together i don't know what this year's is going to be now easy this is where this is finally leaning toward texas seceding starting its own country so cited mild david do we get in i mean it's just how far in a world where like the the the you know you talk about your relatives and that's true it's part of phantom that we can't get away from but there's also just like the online trolls are the people the voices that that would be easy to ignore in a previous era i mean he call me half a cowboys fan of ruin oil will meet people may know the other half is carolina panthers as roma families but like.

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