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Ways. Carpool would lock and Wiley marks is back with us. Let's move to San Francisco where new report claims there is friction building between the forty Niners codes cow Shanahan and general manager John Lynch with the two not on the same page about the direction of the franchise after a disappointing first two seasons. Together. Shane have reportedly wants his own personnel guy to run the draft and free agency. The when asked about the report the coach called quote, complete b s listen Bleacher report, I think had this report. I think there's truth on both sides. I think at this time of the year NFL draft if there's not friction between the coach and the front office. There's a problem. And so there could be a problem in some friction that doesn't mean they wanted divorce that means it's draft season and they'll get over. But why this report this year when the last two years we've seen them in their media Vail ability after the draft. They both been present. So why this year why does she when you go out there and the draft you get Nick Bosa you get two receivers deebo Samuel versatile. Jalen Hurd, like I don't see where it comes from like everyone's praising the forty nine draft this year and all the moves they made all season. It's a little mind boggling that this report comes right now when it seems like everything's in alignment, we'll having done several games last. You haven't been around. Both those guys known both those guys very well. Part of part of having a great organization is has to be some discourse. There has to be some disagreement. There has to be some argument. I was coached by one of the great office of line coaches ever has koshen Alex gives they were times when we went toe-to-toe face to face cousin each other out. But you know, what we both had the same goal that same vision in mind, sometimes we had different ways of getting there. But we had the same goal and vision in my remember these two guys worked at deal together. Signed contracts that were identical to one another that paid them. Both the same go down the road for six years. And they both knew by the way going down this road. It wasn't a one year fix that. It was such a mess that it was going to take several years. So they knew full well what they were getting into. They may disagree on some of the players. And remember they had they had accolades last year for their drafter two years ago. A Reuben foster is no longer there. Right. And and Solomon Thomas has just not been he's been a tween. He hasn't really been an inside guy. And he hasn't been able to turn a corner from the outside as defensive in. So they've had some issues in some miss in the draft and that will create a little bit attention during this time of the season. I'm with you. This is this is healthy disagreement is healthy. Yeah. But the first station we are hearing is probably organization that's all schedule. Look when your franchise quarterback goes out there and gets hurt throw the clipboard away basically that year. I mean, it's going to be very difficult for this team to go out there and live up. Expectations went Jimmy G was hurt. So this year coming into the season, not say that they don't have disagreements, but for it to become worthy and kind of the loom over his franchise things excessive I think someone in the room saw these guys have a knock down drag out and over a second third or fourth round pick a coach loves a guy scouting department. Does it somebody's gonna win or lose the argument? Somebody's feel is going to be hurt. And then somebody seeing that can misinterpreted or make more of it. Right. Then what it really is. And to get in the moment could cow hand be like F this guy. You know, he wouldn't have had this job without me. We did this. And he and you feel betrayed. I saw dick for meal and call Peterson copies the general manager of the cheese. They got cross ways over Larry Johnson running back out of Penn State Carl Peterson wanted for negotiator. Leverage against priest Holmes..

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