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I mean, they didn't really say. So which point used I mean, that's a hard one twenty ks actually a pretty good number. You can get a lot of different things. Yeah. So what would you say? I don't know. I'd probably say, you know, even like a Mark seven GTI personally more seven GTI. I I think it's great. I think it's got like the refined. You know, details in the interior. But it drives great. It's comfortable other than that. I'd probably say go get yourself a focus s two year Subaru. Yeah. In michigan. Maybe you can get a lightly used WRX for under twenty what what's in the front wheel is six. Now the first The first generation. generation. Drivers see five zero six in Michigan. My brothers. No on that see five zero six I mean, honestly, maybe like a Wrangler. Something if you're into that kind of thing, I mean, I guess he said fun practice. I mean, I guess that That point. point. What does fun mean is funding dynamics fun? If let's assume it does daily can you get a Mazda six hundred twenty grand probably news market. Sure. Yeah. Mazda six those are those are pretty fun coupe six five accord, coupe V6., totally their fast actually can be had with a manual. I would start there. Yeah. I would start with those things. Thank you. Matt tho- Joe says I'd love to see boasts Oku cars in the US. Good fucking luck. Can you help some up to like the Japanese classic car show? Someone tried to bring one to RAD would. But they couldn't with the exhaust. Get driving up the ramp sailing. Man, they were stuck on the first floor of the Peter. I mean, how do they drive? I don't know. How to all? I've seen is Bose's Oku as an aesthetic style. I assume they drive like any other lowered car, right? You gotta be terrible. Right. It's it's mostly for noise. You know, and also to look loud. So they drive terrible. It's like driving Bosaso coup for those who don't know they put like the most aggressive body kits. You can think of like this Jay these like big giant trays? Wings. Have you seen the vans? The the exhaust pipes or like ten feet long and go way over the car. They're just absurd. Yeah. Most of them don't actually do anything. And sometimes it's great when they make shapes out of the exhaust. In both of these lightning. Bolts. I mean, there's so fun to look at I want to go to Japan and go to go to a car show full of these things. But when I don't want to go, what is the one below this a lambo, what does that white one right there? Thirty three. What the golf cart? I think that's really a golf cart. I'm into it. You want to see a lot of good ones. Go to Japan. Go to Tokyo on us on. Yeah. I just don't see this ever happening in America. The roads the yeah. No, we're all full raptors, it's kind of funny because when I go to Japan, they complain about how bad the roads, aren't but they've never seen battering. They never been here. Even people in other states while you're in California around downtown LA. You don't get it. Those roads we film on are not all the roads. Oh, freddie. Freddie. Hernandez. The man, you know, Tavares, Freddie, from Florida. He does a little crazy project cars. No love it. He buys the worst most fucked up cars and fixes them and make some nice he wants to he wants to get some fifteen fifty to one of his projects, you should you yet will arrange that you're gonna reach out you're going to want to send him some. He's the man he also giving him my million mile Alexis. Yes. I do know we we talked about. So I'm I'm next month a meeting the guys got in Florida and Zach and I are going to drive the last the last over the hump stint. Nice. We're leaving it with, Freddie, who is going to put a big single turbo on it and a manual gearbox over six hundred thousand strivers good for you. Hang him. Kill it. You were he works his fucking balls off. And he does shit that. I don't want any part of like buying a fucking completely burned out Lamborghini and trying to fix it. See, that's that's my life guys. I'm too, and yes, Freddie will be on the show next month. And I will see you in Florida last one, James Choi, thank you for the content..

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