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What's up guys? This is crystallized beats where we focus on shining late on the talent in the shadows we will be playing music from up and coming as as well as providing you with the links to the rest of their music and their social media. So check it out guys. What's that I'm crystal? Lamar I am the host of crystallize. Beat podcast as well as the head writer for never near stomping ground blog and I started this because I know how difficult it is to come up in the music industry and I wanNA give these new artists of boost and give them a platform where they can make a name for themselves. And I've worked with some really great artists and we have some phenomenal artists to come so definitely subscribe to our channel and keep checking us out. Hey what's up? This is Chris. Lamar and you're listening to crystallize beats tonight. We are GONNA LISTEN TO HIVE mind by slaying troubadour. He is extremely creative. And this is a great song so let's get to it. Plus sputter website average from God when my name is always crying. A beautiful attempted to worship in. Us fall unless the of more than what meets agreed there is tipped. Died in three puckers. Bud One zero the matrix a couple hundred years old and quantum physics David not a warning to de behind but Gina's death the crap at this latest some snickering guy more sensible feed myself into oblivion but I made a ramp into ply. Couldn't Safai but tonight. It's just small forbearing. Existential Been Gig. Diano these yet. They ostracize asklepion. Phony pocket is we all the miniscule pieces of nothingness blown away forgotten end episode in many getting everything that you feel that you pretend that you have ever dreamed of time. You'll take the fact that you lack energy presence of impending dometic bridge the only reason all right so we just listened to hive mind by slang troubadour. The video for this song is awesome. Look it up on Youtube mind and I'm going to put the information in the podcast notes. So definitely go and.

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