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Berry show I'm Marjorie Martin on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. it's that time time time lock in low we are listening to a best of the Michael berry show and again I say we because I'm sitting here and I'm listening to the segments with you all we got a great our planned this first segment we're gonna talk about the representative from Hawaii who basically wants to ban cigarettes because well they're bad for you Michael goes on a rant about that and then the final three segments of the hour we talk about Merle Haggard in his songs if you're not Merle Haggard fan well you should listen because we can convert you we can bring you over to the hags side it's great we eat well and the drinks are always cold anyway sit back relax and enjoy the best of my commercial they gave us this crazy Maisie her run no Barack Obama tools C. Gabbard who even though the wheels are office trying to run for president a state house member there named Richard Cregan a Democrat states primarily Democrat has introduced a bill which would effectively essentially ban cigarette sales statewide it would raise the minimum smoking age which right now is twenty one in twenty twenty it will be raised to thirty twenty twenty one to forty twenty twenty two to fifty twenty twenty three to sixteen by twenty twenty four you can smoke to you were a hundred he told the Hawaii Tribune Herald that he thinks the state is quote obliged to protect the public's health end quote through stricter regulations on cigarettes he says we essentially have a group who are heavily addicted in my view in slaved by a ridiculously bad industry to use the term in slave to is to sap the word slavery of its real meaning Reagan is a doctor he's also a former smoker interestingly he supports legalization of marijuana as I do but I support decriminalizing most everything let individuals make decisions for themselves it's the former smoker who thinks they need to run around making loss to harass poor people who want to smoke a cigarette there's a guy out of the part about this guy he's been in the news a lot lately there's a guy's English and that was another against a black apparently this is a life in because he is going country to country yes a Senate hearing coming up in this country a couple of weeks and this is what he wants to do he wants to make the warnings on the packs thank he wants the whole front of the pack to be the warning like the problem is we just haven't noticed yet right but he's going to get his White House and smokers around.

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