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Been very good about keeping us updated on all the info there are the two ten west to be four fifth street slash green spot road they have opened up the left lane to let some traffic through there because it's been building up and that's good news for you to get by and then they're going to run another traffic breaking call close all lanes this was a car versus a big rig and of the trailer was an open flat bed that had a complete load of hay on it so all of the bales of fell off of the trailer so now Caltrans is loading them onto another trailer that to get it out of there for you so should they'll be out of there I would imagine for the morning drive the flag drops on the morning drive and if you want to get around it your alternate is off at Sam or did you know Avenue right to orange up to green spot then left back to the to ten and then we have another secular temple climb on the westbound side of the one eighteen and this is at the Glen oaks Boulevard offramp and it's not right now it's affecting the one eighteen east to the to ten west or something stop there so that the police activity may have spilled over there around the Lopez canyon area Anna Sigler still working in Tustin this is on the southbound side of the five before Tustin ranch road on rap the two right lanes are blocked a pick up truck overturned in the right lane and it would just one remind you about a couple of full closures and this is in commerce seven ten south or shut down between the five in forests and in Norwalk to Santa Fe springs the five north is close from Norwalk Boulevard to the six oh five next reports coming up at three thirty five I'm least hours with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio right now I in Santa Ana sixty nine degrees Santa Monica at sixty five and in Northridge at sixty seven degrees at three twenty seven what does building a better bank look like it starts with building Capital One cafes warm inviting place they feel nothing like a typical bank where you can open an account with no fees or minimums in five minutes and you'll always find people ready to help you not sell you welcome to banking re imagine what's in your wallet for consumers only offered by Capital One N. A. member FDIC.

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