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At subaru dot com slash rally thanks for tuning into the down in radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the us and available internationally on the american forces network welcome back to the down and dirty radio show powered by polaris razor jimmy we're here waiting on lia pitcher nhra top fuel winner to call into the show in the segment definitely looking forward to that man we're gonna talk some nhra talks a month of may and indycar and things just got a little bit better when you find out leah pritchett is calling into the show so no complaints here what so ever once again big thanks to my friends at don schumacher acing for help and make this happen but i know liaison road so she should be calling in here here shortly but just trying to deliver some epic interviews to to you listeners of the show and it's one of the things better to have somebody call in and talk about it who was there and actually accomplish something then me just you know flat my gums and try and do analysis or something like that so yeah our number two just got a little bit better here on your favorite action motor sports radio show thanks to all you guys for tune in sports big thanks to our friends at police razor subaru general tire dirt fish and vision wheels but looks like we got the appreciate colin in right now look to show leah.

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