Maybe Joe Biden Was Smart to Pick Kamala Harris as VP


EPO I always quarrel with people who say you know Biden stupid Biden stupid but not actually Biden may be the most maniacally smart politician we've seen in some time because he picked her I mean you think about it Clearly the man doesn't have his faculties He just turned 79 years old He can barely put together a coherent sentence because God knows what's going on in that adult brain of his And there's no I'm sorry There is no possible way he's running for reelection in 24 And people are already sort of like you know it's like what's the old Chris Rock joke when he would go into a neighborhood and people would pick up their phones and down 9 one and then just wait right People are just they're sitting there with their hand on the Twenty-fifth Amendment button Just waiting to push it because he's so close to just completely losing it in front of all of us And yet the one thing that is looming there The one major decision Joe Biden made before he was elected anything They always say the first most important decision of future president makes is who is running mate is going to be Who will be the vice president who does he pick Prices have gone up And families and individuals are dealing with the realities of that bread costs more the gas cost more She is the greatest presidential insurance policy of all time

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