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Now they really hate Parnell egos a big thing man ego is a big big big thing so we'll see what he saw himself in there the other girls I don't know if he has a chance and quite frankly I don't care who you run at this point in time because if the economy's motor and things are great it's tough to see somebody lose does no matter how to visit you think he is or how sick and tired you are of the tweeting the fighting the yelling at each other or or all of these things it's it's people still don't want to upset the apple cart and I think they also are overestimating the excitement in temperature that all of America has for an impeachment three two three five three twenty four twenty three at seventeen shows your Twitter you can tweet at us do love hearing from all of you this was interesting and I'm telling you guys we live in a world where we're opting into everything and American companies are creating all these amazing things and with all of that stuff happening no that we've opted in to giving up so much of who we are and Twitter man guess what people respond Saudi Arabia's certainly likes to crack down on critics just look at what happened to former Washington post columnist Jamal for shogi who was killed inside the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul according to prosecutors these former Twitter employees Ali also borrow and often oblong will access to more than six thousand accounts of Saudi critics why because I don't like people talking about them but that can happen everywhere you know you're giving up what we're opting in and giving up personal information and it's not just you know you think about this illness thing out there about the DNA and if you give your date at a certain thing you know people and and you know all these twenty three in may of this that the other one and they can start coming in and looking at you know answering to cross that line with law enforcement you've got these kind of things going on you want to know in the future what the greatest currency is going to be for people privacy privacy is going to be it it wasn't just this I mean you know right now they're looking at that face books got a lot of issues because people looking in but on top of all of that you're walking around with something that is given away all of our privacy our phones our phones but are we willing to give it away we willing to give it all up no because nobody wants to live in a world where we're so far gone and removed from anything that were off the grid that we're the only ones off the grid that's why I'm telling you the currency in the future that is gonna matter most to a lot of people is going to be their privacy but yes coursework you mean Saudi Arabia is uncomfortable with people being critics and so is China.

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