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From ABC news, John Chuck C, Richard. This is no way to be stuck in the cooler is what lawyers for hundreds of prisoners at a federal jail in Brooklyn, New York and effector saying and in a serious, definitely not a flip way. It's been below freezing outside for days. They say it's been in the low forties inside sales and dark after fire at the facility last Sunday knocked out power the Chester chilly dark conditions banging at their windows. Donald street level. The spokesperson for the jail's. Warden says living areas have heat. There's a hearing over one prisoners complaints this coming Tuesday rivers and walls of mud crashing into homes in Malibu and elsewhere in southern California, especially in brushfire burned areas. Heavy rain, creating the emergency. There are high water rescues from homes and cars. Dispatched down from Ventura County fire workers via broadcast defy Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam says he's not stepping down despite widespread calls for his resignation after a racist photo surfaced from his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook page with his name on it says he had not in that picture. I believe that I did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of other mistakes. I made in the same period of my life ABC's accurate quiche outside the governor's mansion in Richmond. The governor claiming that she got caught up in the moment. Making a rush to judgment when the medical yearbook photo was revealed sending out an apology in taking responsibility before he claims he could closely examine the photo refusing to resign nNcholas Maduro.

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