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Word that Washington's NFL team will change its name, he says it's hard to fathom because Dan Snyder was so Adam he would never change. The name is kind of amazing. What's happened really? Talk, says There's concern the team will choose a name that keeps Native American imagery. The R. Word itself is a racial slur. But everything that goes along with that all of those things are offensive and stereotypical and So the greatest hope is that he chooses a name that has nothing to do with ethnicity or racial groups at all. Meghan Cloherty. W T O P NEWS. Not everyone is celebrating. Jeff Bostick, member of the famed Hogs offensive line from the Super Bowl years tells w. T o. P that he doesn't think Dan Snyder should have changed the name. He believed the decision was purely financial, and he's still proud of his time on the team. I got off the phone earlier today with Joseph Wiseman and we were talking about it. We're going to be a part of Redskin history regardless to what they're called. And for the era in which I was so fortunate to play. I'll play from 1982 1993 went four Super Bowls, won three World championships. That's going to be the best there. Redskin Football. Washington football from the inception until whenever Bostick says that whatever the name becomes, he will support the team as long as he's alive. Now that we know the team's name is changing. Does Dan Snyder stand a better chance of building a new stadium next to the old R F. K in D C. Former mayor and current Ward seven. Councilmember Vince Gray represents the people who live near R. F K, He says it may be too late for the team to build. There are a lot of things that are going on a TTE present and are okay. We've got other amenities that are being developed there. Um, I think I think we may be at the stage now Moving on Grace speaking with W AM Useco Joan Andi show on Friday. This is a change in position for this lawmaker. He used to be in favor of a new stadium being built in the district as long as Snyder paid for it and D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is telling the Redskins talk podcast. She is prepared to bring a bill to Congress to buy the federal land that houses are F. K Stadium as soon as the team changes its name. 806 Now to the Corona virus Pandemic has d C reports 59 new cases. But community spread continues to drop in the district is now observing a major milestone for the first time since the covert 19 death toll began in D C and March. There've been four consecutive days with no virus related deaths. But the virus is.

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