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It is approved. The FDA has given an emergency use authorization to the nation's first Corona virus vaccine. It was manufactured by Fizer and buy in Tech. CBS News Medical contributor, Dr David Egas says moving it around the country will not be easy transportation of this vaccine is slightly complicated as it is transported at minus 94 F. Each site and will be stored as such until prior to being used. It could be at refrigerated temperature for approximately 24 hours. So the supply chain management is difficult here, but they're cheers across the country between scientists, doctors, patients. Really everybody and that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The FDA said the vaccine can be given to people age 16 and older health care workers and elderly people in long term care facilities are expected to be the main recipients of the first round of 2.9 million doses. Shutdown may have been averted this weekend, but Congress still has a lot of work to do during the lame duck session, Latest from W. T. O P S Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill. The short term spending measure approved by Congress only buys time for another week before another shutdown deadline comes up next Friday, and it could be another bumpy road before a spending bill gets passed. Senators Josh Holly and Bernie Sanders say they plan to again bring up their proposal for checks to go to Americans. Senator Holly $1200 for individuals, $2400 for families $500 for every child and as Senator Sanders rightly says, every member of this body has voted yes in favor of this relief before. But other lawmakers believe more unemployment benefits for Americans is a better way to help people and there are plenty of other issues on which members of both parties strongly disagree. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T. O p noon. A lawsuit to toss out the presidential election results has been rejected by the Supreme Court. The lawsuit has been filed by Texas challenging the election procedures in four other states. It was backed by President Donald Trump in a number of other states and its rejection the nation's high courts is Texas lacked standing to pursue the case. In response, president tweeted quote the Supreme Court really let us down. No wisdom, no courage. The decision was the second time this week, the court rejected requests to get involved in the election outcome. Electoral College is scheduled to meet Monday to formally elect Joe Biden as the next president. President elect Joe Biden is working to solidify his Cabinet and inside source tells The Associated Press. The New York governor Andrew Cuomo, is one of the people being considered for attorney general. This straight shooting governor of New York's become a well known face during the Corona virus pandemic. I've tried to work with the Trump administration and argue morality and principle for four years. You're better off trying to argue with a rock a person with knowledge of the process as Andrew Cuomo is now among those being considered for attorney general. It's not clear if the search process has changed after it was disclosed this week that Joe Biden son Hunter is under investigation for his financial dealings, and that the new attorney general would inherit that investigation. Others thought to be top contenders. Outgoing Alabama Senator Doug Jones Appeals court Judge Merrick Garland and former Beattie, Attorney General Sally Yates, Jackie Quinn, Washington Coming Up on W. T O P Is Russia using microwave attacks on U. S diplomats. It's a 35. The following is a paid commercial message. This is Bishop Michael Burbage of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Think of how many times in our lives things change in an instant During our lifetime. We will receive good news and bad news. We will experience times of great joy and immense sorrow. But when we commit to remain the strong, spiritually and emotionally when we say yes to God's will And realize everything is in his plan. It is then that we can trust and surrender. Fear subsides and strength prevails. As Advent concludes in a few weeks, we will soon hear the story of the three wise men, perhaps the ultimate tale of trust, setting out to pay homage to our Lord. They had only a star as their compass. Say, yes to the Lord's will every day so that in times of light and darkness and indecision we can trust and surrender, leaving any outcome into God's providential hands. Some things are just true. Like your local Geico agent could save you hundreds and also clowns make terrible hair stylists, and that.

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