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Tied with the Mandalorian for the most Emmy nominations today, 24 apiece 24, but the Marvel universe did get some bragging rights with runner up Wanda Vision. No people that have watched one division a couple times over and didn't get it. No, just loved it so much. I didn't love it so much. I thought it was creative and fancy. But I didn't love it so much. Uh, the markets were down today. For the most part, NASDAQ S and P 500. The Dow all dropped about a third of a percent not too much, but they were in record territory when they started this morning. Most of the problem. Most of the drawdown has been the inflation data that we saw. American consumers face the third straight monthly surge in prices in June. The latest evidence that we're going to see some inflation stay with us for a while. We've been covering this all day, The Texas House Republicans encouraging Democrats to return to Austin for that special. Session, The Republican caucus held a news conference just this afternoon with the caucus chair, saying representatives were elected to do the work instead of wasting money. Well, it's back. It is back, and it's I guess maybe better than ever Pacific Air Show down in Huntington Beach this time it's going to be October 1st through the third with one vision, one goal and a lot of jet fuel. The Pacific air Show turns me into an eight year old. I am just wowed. Every time we are out there. Kevin Elliott joins us Now he is the air show director. And CEO of Code for a full service, Experiential and Brand agency. Kevin, How are you? I'm doing great. How are you guys doing today? We're great. It's funny that Shannon mentions that being you know, the eight year old in us that comes out Whenever we see airshow is the last time we were there. And actually sat on the beach. While the air show was going on. We were trying to do a radio show and we're just stunned into silence A couple of times watching these these these airplanes perform behind us. Yeah, it's uh, I understand that, you know, I mean, the audience likes to listen to the about four hours of jet noise, right? It's an incredible experience. And, uh, you know, you don't have to be a passionate aviation fan to come down there and just be sort of Off, struck by the by the power of those machines. Just the Arab Batic demonstrations alone. What is on tap for this year? What makes this year stand out? Well, obviously, we've got an entire year of pent up excitement here that we're going to unleash upon Huntington Beach in Southern California. We've got probably our most incredible lineup that we've ever had. And we're sort of cramming two years worth of excitement into into one airshow. So obviously the Blue Angels or big headliner this year, followed by the Canadian forces snowbirds, So we've got to jet teams. Um and then, you know, crowd favorites like the Red Bull Air Force jet bourbon in his yak 1 10. We've got some f 18 Growlers, um all kinds of exciting things. And, of course, the f 35 demo team from the air Force, which was the loud one. Of course I'm sure that that probably you guys remember the most from 2019. I love the snowbirds. Does that make me an American? Yes. Okay. Shut up, although, But you know what would make Shannon and American if we could get you to fly like an eagle? Yeah. And Just wanted to let you know because you knew this was going to come up that Mondo has already signed the agreement. And so it's happening. Ah, I am terrified Kevin of going on a 7 37. Oh, I Well, the good news is the U. S Army Golden Knights team does not jump out of a 7 37 there. Is that, okay? That is perfect as a great point. They actually have their own airplane. It's called the Dash eight, and it's a perfectly good airplane. But just imagine a 7 37 now with no doors, right, and you're standing there looking out. Um And you know, you just got to just convince yourself to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and go for it. No, I'm not telling this right? No. Yeah, I don't know if that was the right line, but I appreciate the I appreciate the effort. Obviously, Last year was was strange for everybody. What I mean. How did you guys handle this? How did you guys deal with this and then convince a bunch of the performers from last year to be able to come back for this year. Well, I'll tell you what the air show business is a really unique business because it's a group of people that really the whole industry relies largely upon passion, and honestly, it is that there are a lot of air shows around the country, but it's a small family of people that make all this happen. And the performers love what they do. Um, They loved the fact that it inspires communities and Children and families, and it's a place for people to get together and kind of all look up in one direction and be inspired by what they see so that the air show community couldn't wait to get back out. Um and and start to do shows and for the public again and you know, we You know, there are a lot of people who kind of suffered through the pandemic, obviously, but they're excited to get back out there and do what they love. So, um, you know, we're just We're putting one ft in front of the other and we are are excited to bring what we're calling a super show back to Southern California. This is going to be the premier show in the country this year to go to not only Do we have a beautiful venue there at the beach, But we've got an incredible line about performers that are all excited to come and perform in front of a massive crowd. The website is Pacific air show dot.

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